The Drum Code studio is happy to announce the resumption of work in the new location in Sesta Godano (La Spezia). The new studio is situated in an old mill, built in the late 1800s and renovated “ad hoc” to provide a range of services to musicians, sound engineers and music professionals. The structure has been acoustically designed and certified to create the best working conditions (control room with a flat response floating floor, music room treated and sound proofed with variable acoustics, etc.). Drum Code Studio is also equipped with a kitchen, a large terrace and a comfortable bedroom for guests who wish to stay overnight at the end of working sessions. From a technical point of view the studio is equipped with the best technology, from an SSL 4000 G+ mixing consolle to a wide range of microphones to satisfy the most extreme requirements of artists and producers, plus a large outboard rack with the best audio processors and the magnificent DYNAUDIO AIR 25- the best choice in terms of quality and response. All this makes the Drum Code Studio a reliable and welcoming environment, equipped with everything you need for recording, editing and mixing your musical projects. Come and visit us on  for more information. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions.