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Roberto Tiranti “Sapere aspettare”

Roberto Tiranti “Sapere aspettare”

Roberto Tiranti “Sapere aspettare”



Roberto Tiranti “Sapere aspettare”.






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Product Description

Roberto Tiranti is an Italian singer, musician, songwriter, born in 1973.

After more than 25 years spent being part of some important italian and foreigner bands, decided to put all his energies and experiences in this new important chapter of his life, a Solo Album, titled “SAPERE  ASPETTARE”, (know how to wait).

Many friends and musicians join him in this new adventure for an Album various and some point surprising.

Marco Canepa, Marco Barusso, Aldo De Scalzi, Max Marcolini, Stef Burns, Ken Ingwersen, Juan Van Emmerloot, Marco Fadda, Mattia Stancioiu, Andrea Maddalone, Massimo Trigona, Roberto Maragliano, Alessandro Graziano, Katia Linguadoca, Guido Carli, Fabio Valdemarin, Luca Lamari, Irene Fornaciari, Matteo Mugnai Robles, Nicola Ferrari.

11 tracks: 5 electric, 4 acoustic, 2 all vocals

Roberto wrote all the songs, except the well known “Crazy” sung in duet with Irene Fornaciari, he also took care of all the acoustic guitars, some electric guitars, bass, ukulele and of course all the back and lead vocals.



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